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Bob Menzter with son Ian in 2009Brother Bob Mentzer '90 passed away in January 2010 after a three-year battle with cancer. He left behind a wife, Becca and young son, Ian.

Friends of the Mentzer family established an educational fund to be held in trust for Bob's son, Ian. The alumni association raises money though individual donations, special events and other fundraisers at alumni events. The undergraduates have taken on this cause as their charity of choice, raising money through canning on campus. In 2011, the chapter set a goal of $1,000 per year for Ian’s college fund.

Together, the alumni and undergraduates have raised over $5,000 to date. Our goal is that by the time Ian is ready to graduate high school, we will have raised over $15,000.

Make a donation to Ian's scholarship fund

You can make a difference to the son of a departed brother by making a donation to the Ian Robert Mentzer: Fund for the Future.

A thank you message from Becca Mentzer:

"The efforts that the brothers put into raising money to help care for Ian’s future are completely overwhelming to me and PLEASE let them know that I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart…and I know it is bringing a big old “Mentzer” grin to Bob’s face as well. I know he wasn’t always able to participate with the fraternity the way he would have liked to because of various life circumstances, but I know the connection he had with so many of the guys meant a great deal to Bob. of the blessings I can see in mine and Ian’s lives is the generosity that so many people have…that even in these difficult times, so many people are still so willing to help others, and that is amazing to me. Again, please pass on my deep gratitude on behalf of Ian, Bob and I to all those who helped out!"

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