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Fraternity history




Fraternity History

The Founding of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity

Pi Lambda Phi was founded at Yale University on March 21, 1895 by Frederick Manfred Werner, Louis Samter Levy, and Henry Mark Fisher as North America's First Non-Sectarian and Non-Discriminatory Fraternity.

In 1895, the group of men from Yale University were denied admission to other college fraternities due to their racial and religious backgrounds. It became the vision of three men to create an organization in which no member would be barred admittance due sect or creed.

These men founded the Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity on the basis of ability, open-mindedness, farsightedness, and a progressive, forward-looking attitude which became recognized as the basic attributes of membership. Pi Lambda Phi is proud to be the first international, nonsectarian fraternity.


Official Colors of Pi Lambda Phi

Purple and Gold

Official Flower of Pi Lambda Phi

The Woodbine


Snapping of fingers in place of applause at meetings and fraternity functions is one of the oldest Pi Lam traditions.

Founders Day

March 21st, Founder's Day, is usually observed by a dinner during which the active brothers renew their oath to Pi Lambda Phi.

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