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Songs of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity

The Purple and The Gold

Hail to the Purple and the Gold;
Long may her colours wave
The emblem of Pi Lambda Phi-
A symbol of her brave
Mighty in loyalty are we;
No other love so true
We stand for might --
For all that's right
Hail Pi Lambda Phi
Hail Pi Lambda Phi
Hail Pi Lambda Phi to you.

Tune of "Coast Guard Marching Song"
Lyrics by Warren P. Green

Jolly Laddies

We are Jolly Laddies, Jolly Laddies we,
And firm united is our com-a-ra-de-rie,
So we'll all join in, to make the wel-kin ring,
While to Pi Lambda Phi, we sing, sing, sing.
So let's join in jolly chorus,
While our Youth is still before us,
Let us ev-er joy-ous be,
Pi Lamb-da Phi inscribed in every loy-al heart,
Fra-ter-nal friendship till in death we all do part.
So we'll all join in to make the welkin ring,
While to Pi Lambda Phi we sing, sing, sing.

Tune of "There's a Tavern in the Town"

Brother Mine Forever

Brother mine forever,
We are bound together,
By a bond that stronger grows
As years roll by.

Mystic words unspoken,
Holy vows unbroken,
Holds us faithful to the tie
Of Pi Lambda Phi.

When the days are dreary,
When the heart goes weary,
Tho the dark clouds of despair
May hide the sky.

I shall ne'er be friendless,
For our love is endless,
Even death can't break the tie
Of Pi Lambda Phi.

Tune of "Keep the Home Fires Burning"
Lyrics by Jack Yellen

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