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October 20, 2007

Some Pi Lams are doing great things, while others...

John Lampi ’69 – Super Lawyer
It’s a bird... it’s a plaintiff... it’s... John Lampi? Congratulations to brother Lampi on being named a 2006 Pennsylvania Super Lawyer by Philadelphia Magazine. John recently joined Saidis Flower & Lindsay, a law firm representing individual and business clients in Central Pennsylvania.

Tom Monaco ’86 – Advocate for newborn screening
Tom and Jana Monaco have dedicated themselves to educating parents and lobbying state governments on the necessity of genetic testing for newborn health. They learned first hand of the devastating effects that can result from insufficient testing. Tom and Jana’s youngest son, Stephen, was diagnosed with a rare but treatable disease called isovaleric acidemia (IVA) at 3 1/2 years old, leaving him severely disabled with complicated medical issues. The Monaco’s fourth child Caroline, also has IVA, but she lives a normal, healthy life because of early detection. Tom and Jana now actively campaign for mandatory newborn screening which can detect such conditions. Most recently, their efforts have been featured in Newsweek magazine, and syndicated broadcast news airing across the country. Visit for more information on their story and ongoing awareness efforts.

Jay Gordon ’97 – Sells soul to Microsoft
Jay recently accepted a position with Enterprise Mobile as vice president of customer operations and marketing. A subsidiary of Microsoft, Enterprise Mobile is focused on delivering enterprise mobility via the Windows Mobile operating system. Jay is also pleased to announce the birth of his son, named (as stipulated in his contract of employment with Microsoft) “Bill Gates” Gordon.

Alan Teplitsky ‘57 – I feel happy!
Our apologies to Alan Teplitsky who was inadvertently reported deceased by the alumni association. A quite lively Alan contended, “Reports of my having passed into the Chapter Eternal have been exaggerated. I am still here, thank G-d, and happy to be alive.”

John “Goober” McKeon ‘84 – MAC machine/chauffer
Between soccer/field hockey for his youngest daughter and field hockey/basketball and softball for his oldest, John says, “my primary function in life at this moment is as a chauffeur and MAC machine.” Regarding the future of the chapter, John offered, “My suggestion is to burn the house down, collect the insurance money, sell the land to McDonalds/KFC and let’s go have a party in Atlantic City with the proceeds.” Thanks Goober, always the voice of reason.

Jed Loftis ’05 – Well doggie!
There once was a story ‘bout a man named Jed... he was with Jethro and Ellie Mae sippin’ moonshine out by the cement pond, “You guys make it sound like I'm dead... I'm only a facebook message away. What's the plan now?” Plan? How about striking oil, Jed? The house could sure use the money.

Dean Sizemore ’77 – SNJ Wrestling Hall of Fame
Submitted anonymously to the website: “Congrats to Dean Sizemore on his upcoming induction into the South Jersey Wrestling Hall of Fame. Dean wrestled at Temple 1973-1977. He was a heavyweight on a team that was ranked nationally at times. A GREAT guy and GREAT BROTHER. He deserves this honor! Posted by the best man in his wedding and Brother from Pi Lam.” Hopefully this puts to rest the rumor that most Pi Lams only wrestle with alcoholism.

Leon Greenspan ’52 — Like Bill Belichick, stealing signs
Brother Greenspan is a father of four, grandfather of five and currently practices law with his youngest son and partner. A former Scribe, Leon recalls pranking Tau Epsilon Phi by cutting down their electric sign and delivering it to the Tau Epsilon Phi chapter at Penn with a gift note. The best part? Convincing the Temple Tau Epsilon Phi that Penn Tau Epsilon Phi pledges stole the sign!

Andy “McFly” McFeeley ’90 — Hello McFly
Residing in Kissimmee, Florida with his wife and five kids, Andy says he misses his days as an insurance investigator, cracking down on fraud. He now owns his own adjusting company called ProService Agency where he enjoys arbitrarily raising the rates of Floridians every time the wind kicks up.

Kevin Leckner ’94 – A Starline is Born
When you think of Kevin Leckner and movies, well… you naturally think of porn. But, much to our surprise, Kevin has found an alternate avenue into the movie industry. He is the founder, President and Executive Producer of Starline Films where he has worked with such celebs as Danny Aielo, Steve VanZandt, Frank Vincent and Arthur Naccarella (are you getting the mafioso vibe here?). Kevin said of one of his recent projects, “Montel Williams recently narrated our documentary film 4CHOSEN and HBO and other networks are interested in acquiring it. We are also in the process of solidifying the financing for the feature film 4CHOSEN.”

Rich Maston ’95 — Kicking Butt in Coral Springs
A former Temple football kicker, Rich played for the NFL, Arena League, and NFL Europe from 1995-1999. He is now the owner of Studio 4 Fitness and Studio 4 Martial Arts. Both businesses have done significantly better than the Temple football program, having won 2006 Best of Coral Springs, Florida.

Joe “PhD” McGee ’90 — Touching our future?
Most of us remember Joe as a happy-go-lucky Irishman who favored a drink and the occasional fisticuffs. Ironically, these days you’d be more likely seeing him taking booze away from kids and breaking up fights. He’s a teacher. Said Joe, “I have several degrees at this point and will one day be called ‘PhD McGee,’ But lets not fool each other, I teach special ed. For some strange reason I fit in very well there.”

Michael Schwartz ’68 — Flag Football Glory
As President of DelVal Business Finance Corp., Brother Schwartz promises, “504 loans for businesses with a future.” So why is there a link called “tombstones” on his website? Micheal says that among his fondest memories of Pi Lam were winning the Fall 1967 Flag Football Championship and “pig parties.” Pig parties? I don’t think PETA would approve.

Ruth Bloom — Wife of Marvin Bloom ‘32
In memory of her husband, Marvin Bloom, Ruth Bloom sent a generous donation on what would have been her husband’s 75th anniversary as a Pi Lam. Brother Bloom passed away in 2000. He worked for the Courier-Express newspaper for 50 years and was highly regarded in his community. He was inducted into the DuBois Area Hall of Fame in 1970 and the Clearfield County Sports Hall of Fame in 1991.

Bill Goichman ’52 (a.k.a. Kent) — Greetings from Cal-lee-forn-eee-uh
Brother Goichman practices law in California under the name Bill Kent (rumors that he changed his name as a result of Pi Lam exploits are unconfirmed). Bill asked of any planned Pi Lam events in the Schwarzenegger state (sorry, none planned), and whether women were allowed to join as members. Don’t worry Bill, things haven’t gotten that bad yet.

Roland Moskowitz, M.D. ’49 — Brother mine forever
A professor of medicine at Case Western Reserve University, Brother Moskowitz has earned his share of accolades over the years including the American College of Rheumatology President’s Gold Medal Award and the Arthritis Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award. His message to classmates, “Let’s keep in touch… lots of wonderful memories. Brother mine forever has meaning.” One of those memories includes Marv Welsh insisting, “you have to do this for the seal!”

Chris Camerote ’94 — Reality TV Cut-up
Those who lived in the house with Chris were often entertained by his flair for drama. What we didn’t know was that it would translate to a career in the entertainment industry. Chris is an editor for the Discovery Channel and has carved up such notable TV and film projects as Dr. 90210, Grizzly Man, Blade II, Friday After Next, and Empire of Dreams (a Star Wars documentary about the original trilogy). Chris is now focusing on the documentary and reality TV genre, and is currently working on a few projects for VH1. Chris is engaged and, never a follower of societal norms, is now contemplating babies before betrothal. Among his amusing Pi Lam stories was getting pulled over by cops on the Ben Franklin Parkway after kidnapping 'Dirty' Mike Kessler with ten pledges in his Buick Regal. Said Chris, "we didn't get arrested!" Ya gotta love Philly's finest.

Chris Cassese ’93 — making the world better, one credit card at a time
Residing in Colorado with his family, Chris says of fatherhood, “don't laugh but I've aided in breeding two happy and seemingly well-adjusted children, Hannan and Jake.” Chris is enjoying the lightning in a bottle success of the Colorado Rockies, and felt only marginal pity as his home team swept the hapless Phillies. Working remotely for California-based HSBC Bank he says of his job, “I pimp credit cards for a living working in a marketing capacity. Yes, I feel like I'm changing the world for the better, one credit card at a time.”

Dirk Reitsma '69 — Brother Perloff passes into Chapter Eternal
Dirk relayed the sad news that brother Sheldon Perloff recently passed away after a "valiant struggle with pancreatic cancer." Dirk said of Brother Perloff, "Key West Community College named a room after him. He was a remarkable teacher and person."

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