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March 9, 2010

Some Pi Lams are doing great things, while others...

Pretty BendoMarc Bendo ’94 – Self-proclaimed Renaissance man
In addition to offering legal services to the downtrodden and litigious, Marc Bendo has apparently been highly productive in his spare time since college. Marc reports that he’s become an expert in jungle warfare, speaks German with a Memphis accent, played shortstop for the Boston Red Sox from 1996-99, is planning an invasion of Canada, and is worshipped by a small village in Tibet. That’s quite a resume! But, perhaps the most shocking and revolting revelation Marc shared with us was that his long-time Pi Lam roommate, Deron Henise, has a prehensile tail!

While the alumni association can neither deny nor confirm these claims, we have reliable sources that report that Marc has recently demonstrated a disturbing penchant for wearing frilly hats.

John Stickle ’95 – smile for the birdie!
A shutterbug at heart, John Stickle, passed on an invitation to Temple Law to pursue a law degree in our nation’s capital at American University. After getting all lawyered up in Obama’s new hometown, John spent a summer working on Capitol Hill for the Ways and Means Committee, and now works as a lawyer for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Still John, who maintains a photography business on the side, says he prefers peering through a lens to poring over legal briefs. Check out his work.

Dan Lynch ’69 – A thinking man’s Pi Lam
Whether by tabloid, novel, or over the airwaves, Dan Lynch has built a career sharing his opinions. Now he is invading the vast media expanse of cyberspace. Dan recently launched the new website: As the name indicates, it is not necessarily targeting Pi Lam brothers. The website contains Dan’s blog, a companion to his daily talk radio program on Albany's Talk 1300 AM, as well an online retail store for copies of books and DVDs produced by Dan and his business partner Paul Rutherford. Dan warmly welcomes brothers to visit his site and buy his stuff.

Ed Shytle ’87 – No more Napoleon complex
Brother Ed Shytle dropped us a line to let us know he is, “married with two great kids (12 and 3) and still playing softball.” Ed sends greetings to classmates, “Neggs, Tagles, Sporty, Tommy ‘Touchdown’ Monoco, Robert ‘BMOC’ Kwortnik, Eric ‘I don't take steroids’ Keller, Timmy ‘J Fred Boggs’ Bryant, all the ‘herbal’ brothers in Elliot Cohen's loft, Patrick ‘warm beer’ McGurk, ‘Concrete Head Irish’ Joe McGee, Nicky ‘the Greek mobster’ Tsokanos, John ‘I'm not Irish’ Goldstein, and Fred Dog!”

Though he received his degree from Penn, Ed is a Temple Pi Lam through and through. Ed recalls, “there was nothing like a Purple and Gold bash on Thursday nights... no one could hold a candle to our fraternity when the Schmidt's truck arrived with those 15+ barrels. Man, I hated pledging those nights!”

“Long live the mullet, bandanas, work boots, beat-up jeans and a purple sweatshirt — the official Pi Lam outfit!”

Jeff Peeno ’00 – Missing to us; awesome to his students
peenoA recent online search for lost brother, Jeff Peeno, proved fruitless, but revealed evidence of his students’ admiration. Peeno’s magnetism has garnered him 13 fans on a Facebook page described as: “The unofficial page for Jeff Peeno, the art teacher at TFMS. If you think he’s awesome, become a fan. *NOTE* Not made by Mr. Peeno. He has no idea.”

Jeff, you are both missed, and secretly awesome.

Jed Loftis ’05 – To hell and back
While many Pi Lam brothers may grumble about a little dip in some whaleshit, you won’t hear Jed Loftis complaining. He was in the real shit, Iraq. And haze-happy brothers just don’t hold a candle to batshit crazy Sunni fanatics. After a yearlong tour with an Army reconnaissance unit in Baghdad, Jed recently returned safely to the States. Pi Lam salutes Jed for bravely serving his country in the proud tradition of Alfred “Koko” Kovner. Welcome home brother!

Doug Geffner ’80 – Concerned with your libido
In the classic 70s hockey flick, Slapshot, character actor Brad Sullivan raises his glass and toasts, “Here's to all that gorgeous snatch in FLA.” It seems Doug Geffner took heed of these wise words, finding gainful employment at Gables Engineering in Miami. Geffner sends his warm regards and an inquiry as to the well being of his brothers, “I hope everyone is getting laid regularly.”

turf's weddingRyan “Turf” Overturf ’07 – His wedding colors were Purple and Gold!
Flanked by his brothers, Enrique Reyes ‘02, Jay Carrington ‘03, Steve Breslin ‘04, Robby Carroll ’07, and Mike Murphy ’03 — Ryan “Turf” Overturf recently tied the knot with college sweetheart, Jayne. Though he could have filled his wedding party with family members — his unemployed Uncle Joey, his drug-addled half-brother Ramone, his sex-offender second cousin (name withheld), or his cross-dressing brother-in-law, who insists on being called Liz Taylor — Turf wisely chose his fraternity brothers. Here's to brotherhood. Congratulations Turf!

Steve Marino ’90 – A dog-gone, bone-ified restaurateur
You can teach an old dog new tricks. Take Steve Marino, for example. Steve gave up the downhill excitement of a being a ski bum for the dog days of running a bar and restaurant. Steve and his wife Barrie opened the Lucky Dog Grille & Saloon in Lafayette Hill in 2001. While things were ruff at first, the Lucky Dog has developed a local following as loyal as Labrador Retriever. Tired of the dog references yet?

Eli Hoffman ’59 – Tells his Temple story on TU Tube
Eli Hoffman joined other notable Temple advocates including Bob Saget and Peter Liacouras to help Temple celebrate their 125th anniversary by filming a video testimonial. Eli reveals that tuition was once $375 per semester (shocking), and the neighborhood was ”a very difficult place at the time” (not so shocking). Watch the video.

Stork Droppings

And the Lord sayeth, “Be fruitful and multiPi!” And the Lams humpeth.

Chris Cassese ’93 – Get boiling water…and towels!
Chase Nicholas, born July 22, 2009. Mom and dad didn’t make it to the hospital so dad Cassese had a hand in delivering his son.

Jay Gordon ‘97 - By the grace of God, she looks like her mother.
Ana Grace, born on May 19, 2009, 8 lbs. 12oz.

Tim Jennings ‘99 – This is heavy, man.
Colbie Jennings, born on August 12, 2009, weighing in at 9 lbs. 10 oz., whoa!

Bob Arthur ’97 – Two times the baby doodie!
Ryan John and Zachary Robert born on November 9, 2009.

John Stickel ’95 – Unstuffed for Thanksgiving.
Justin Anderson. 7 lbs. 9 oz. Born on November 24, 2009.

Ronnie Savarese ’91 - Dad is already looking into convents to hide her away during her teenage years.
Helena Cathleen, born on January 10, 2010, 8 lbs. 3 oz.

Joe Pizza ’05 – Delivery in 30 minutes, or he’s free!
Joseph Henry Pizza V. Born on January 5, 2010, 9 lbs 9 oz.

Found Brothers

The following brothers were recently found under your couch cushions, in the pocket of your other pants, or where you left them last.

Scott Danzig ‘75
Joe Conti ‘91
Scott Fultineer ‘06
Jerry “Nestor” DeQuevedo ‘94
Paul Wickes ‘04
Kieron Bernier ‘08
Matt Konya ‘08
Ciaran O'Sullivan ‘06
Matt Osbourne ‘04
John Holderbach ‘73
Domenick Cutri ‘98
Anthony Laviola ‘06

See who's still missing.

Chapter Eternal

Bob Mentzer ’90 – Contribute to the Ian Robert Mentzer Fund for the Future
Solomon Gertsman ‘63
Bernard Pincus ‘55
Howard Friedman ‘64
Gary Shapiro ‘63

Gary Mangel ’65 – Chapter Eternal
The alumni association was recently informed of the passing of Gary Mangel in 2000 by his daughter, Sarah. Gary was an attorney in Atlantic City for 25 years. He had two children and three grandchildren. His son Roy lives in Seattle and has his own environmental construction business and his daughter, a teacher in San Angelo, Texas, is married to a United States Marine. Sarah thanked Pi Lam for remembering her father and recalled, “We always asked him about the fraternity paddle he owned!”

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