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August 14, 2013

Some Pi Lams are doing great things, while others...

Herman Rush ’50 – Energetic octogenarian, entertainment mogul, and admirer of the Chairman of the Board
Herman Rush... or is it Sinatra?Herman Rush has a storied history in the entertainment industry as a producer of iconic TV programs including: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Land of the Giants, That Was the Week That Was, All in the Family, and the Montel Williams Show. At 82, Herman shows no signs of slowing down and reports that he is “still working in the entertainment industry and enjoying a busy, healthy family life.” His uncle was a good friend of Frank Sinatra, which led to Herman’s personal relationship with the “Chairman of the Board” and inspired his collection of Sinatra memorabilia. Read Herman’s interview in Ventana Monthly, Behind Blue Eyes.

Nick Makris ’69 – Continues to support his “Animal House”
When it came time to select a worthy charity, Nick Makris was faced with a difficult choice. His wife recommended a list of animal support groups, but Nick’s heart gravitated elsewhere — to his fraternity brothers. Noting that Nick had not been active since the fundraiser for the old house, she asked, “why Pi Lam?” Nick explained, “because these are my animals. They are cute. Some are furry and some may not be housebroken, but they could use some assistance.”

Ronnie Savarese, D.O. ‘92 – Makes your heart go pitter pat
Dr. RonModeration comes hard to Americans, and with so many truly embracing morbid obesity, the business of heart health is booming. Fortunately, there is a doctor in the house. Dr. Ron Savarese is a cardiologist and electrophysiologist at Memorial Hospital in York, PA. That means he installs devices that can shock a heart back to life when it gets lazy and stop beating. (Editor’s note: This medical interpretation was not approved by the American College of Cardiology.) Ron was recently featured in an issue of MD News, confounding the York, PA medical community, who still rely heavily on treating heart palpitations with Granny Clampett’s rheumatism medicine.

Sydney Gottenberg ’51 – Master of diction
As an undergrad, Syd served three terms as chapter scribe, an indication of his masterful diction (this doesn’t mean what you think it means). He fondly recalls socials in the living room, Greek weekends, induction ceremonies, and just having bulls*#t sessions. Now retired and 84 years old, he laments that his son will not let him drive to Philadelphia for chapter events.

Bob Pennock ’11 – Engineering wiz
Bucking the odds of a fickle job market, Bob found gainful employment soon after graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2011. He is now working for the University of Pennsylvania evaluating the feasibility of energy conservation measures in buildings throughout the university. We suspect that his research in pledge-powered devices and his experience in recycling beer will be instrumental in his success.

Cataldi loungingChris Cataldi ’96 – Embracing Miami vices
Chris headed to Florida several years ago to work for Southern Wine & Spirits of South Florida. His hard work in enabling one of our society’s favorite vices is apparently paying off, as he was ironically promoted to Vice President. He admits that his social experiences at Pi Lam prepared him well for his career path, but credits his real success to alcoholics.

Harvey Luterman ’55 – Likes our letters, not solicitation
Like most of us, Harvey Luterman tires of pleas for his hard earned dough from politicians, bleeding heart causes, and his deadbeat stepbrother. In spite of all that, Harvey saw fit to support our cause this year, but with a caveat, “I only sent the money because of the great humor throughout your letter. Do not contact me for more.” Thanks Harvey. We appreciate every dollar.

Mike Murphy ‘03 – Serving up the #1 Burger in Philly
Turfburger - #1 burger in PhillyMike “Murph” Murphy knows where the beef is, and more than 3,000 people confirmed it in a recent survey for Best Burger in Philly. The best burger in Philly is at Billy Murphy’s Irish Saloon in East Falls. The “Turf Burger,” a combination of Black Angus beef with fried onions, jalapeño peppers, bacon, chipotle aioli and cheese, was the creation of former employee and brother, Ryan Overturf ’07. Finally, Murph’s affinity for hiring Pi Lam brothers that he can boss around pays off.

Mark Thomas ’74 – Suggesting hip acronyms
Admittedly, the lengthy name of our organization, Pi Lambda Phi PA Alpha Delta Alumni Association, was chosen primarily to ensure that regardless of who you write a check to, the bank would let us cash it. At one point, the treasurer even considered adding the word “cash” to our name. Mark astutely recognized this and requested that we consider an acronym, suggesting "PLPPADAA or a more hip version, like PLOP PADDY."

Michael Schwartz ’68 – May the Schwartz be with you… at Kovner!
Michael invites “brothers of the 1964-70 era come to Kovner 2014 to catch up” and presumably relive stories of Pi Lam athletic prowess. Brother Schwartz fondly recalls his favorite pastimes as, “beating AEPi in any sport,” and quarterbacking Pi Lam to the Fraternity Football Championship in 1968.

Greg Granger ’89 – Probably not getting the band back together
Ultra Hip Smoooth BoyzIn the late 1980s the Ultra Hip Smoooth Boyz, an all-Pi Lam house band, delighted throngs of inebriated party-goers at our legendary Thursday night parties. But to the dismay of fans and original band members, Mike Naegele ‘89, Pat McGurk ‘88, Jeff Frake ‘88, and Greg Granger ‘89, the Boyz broke up long before they reached their potential of fame and groupie tail, citing "artistic differences." According to Naegele, two members of the band went punk and formed the short-lived, charmingly named band, Skull F*#k Monkey. Original bassist Granger admits he would be willing to forgive past transgressions, “a reunion tour of the old house would be an interesting experience... and yes, I can still play bass, keyboards, ukulele but have given up trombone.”

Mel Weiss ’61 – Misses Gerson, the house monkey
Mel says, “he’s still having fun” as the owner of Fashion Avenue Knits, which is rumored to be a subsidiary of the Sheinhardt Wig Company. In 2011 at the Kovner Banquet, Mel celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Class of 1951 with a dozen of his classmates. In his speech, Mel fondly recalled the "Ms. Incoming Freshman" contests and told of a house monkey named Gerson. Fortunately for us, Mel is always entertaining, and his speech was even more welcome than the call to adjourn.

Ronald Abrams ’69 – Serving the brotherhood of veterans
Brother Abrams is a Joint (again, not what you think it means) Executive Director of the National Veterans Legal Services Program. In this position, he serves the brotherhood of veterans, making sure that those who are injured or disabled through military service receive their just support from the government. Ronald co-authored the Veterans Benefits Manual, and has testified on many occasions before the U.S. Congress on behalf of the nation’s veterans.

The Mountainside IncidentDan Lynch ’69 – Book ‘em, Dan-O… then show 'em a video
With the release of his thirteenth novel, The Mountainside Incident, Dan Lynch has now written more books than most Pi Lams have read. But, understanding that most Americans prefer to get their education from television, he became a partner of a video production company, Mogul One Productions, LLC. They recently released a one-hour documentary on America’s premier lake resort, Lake George, which aired on Albany’s WNYT-News Channel 13. Dan's full range of writing and filmmaking endevours can be found on his website,

Jeffrey Kleinberg ’64 – Pharmacy was not a hobby
Pi Lams have a long history of recreational pharmacy — at least that’s what their lawyers called it. But Jeffrey Kleinberg was a pro. He recently retired after a long career with Rite Aid in New York as a pharmacist. He just celebrated his 46th wedding anniversary with his college sweetheart, Sybil and has five beautiful grandchildren.

Joe McGee ’90 – Repurposing the Kovner quote
An enthusiastic, involved Pi Lam brother, Joe served as the archon and a member of the “Four Horsemen,” a non-sanctioned club of brothers who enforced the peace in troubled times of fraternal rivalry (OK, they picked fights). Driven by his sense of duty and a very modest GPA, Joe left house in 1988 to serve in the U.S. Navy. But to Joe, the Pi Lam experience and Kovner quote were always in inspiration, “I reflect on Kovner and paraphrase what he said, ‘Being a member of a country means nothing, but when you have really worked for it, sweated for it, cursed it, and loved it, as well as the citizens in it, you have something.’”

Class of 2013 - Parents want them out of the house

Congratulations to a new crop of brothers who have graduated Temple only to become a burden to their parents. If you are seeking to fill entry-level positions within your organization, we assure you these brothers are fully qualified to pour beer from a tap, fetch things, and perform other acts of menial labor that do not require a measure of success.

Behold our new alumni brothers, their majors, and their qualifications for gainful employment!

Travis Braue-Fischbach '13 – Journalism, B.A.
Has a blog about beard grooming and hemp that no one reads.

Matt Whitman '13 – Engineering, B.S.E.
Once built an awesome beer can pyramid.

Joe “Mac” Wells '13 – Film and Media Arts, B.A.
Credited with writing, directing and producing a Vine video of cat twerking.

Ian Rose '13 – Film and Media Arts, B.A.
Writes critical reviews on YouTube under the screen name “Rosie Palm.”

Dave Severns '13 – Political Science, B.A.
Aspires to cover up a Weiner-esque political scandal.

Tim Reilly '13 – Media Studies and Production, B.A.
Has no aspirations whatsoever.

Found Brothers

The following brothers were recently found thanks to a rigorous surveillance program made possible by a generous grant from the National Security Agency.

Ronald Abrams ‘69
Scott “Bubblehead” Balin ‘94
Terry Bitman ‘69
Chris Camerote ‘94
Derrick Friend ‘95
Chris Gannon ‘88
Eric Keller ‘88
Matt Koch ‘00
Harold Levin ‘69
Tim O’Brien ‘05
David Vender ‘87
Jeff Watson ‘91
Dave Yerger ‘97

Help us find other missing brothers!

Chapter Eternal

Walter Kahn ’70 – June 15 2013
Scott Campbell ’01 – May 3, 2013
Chet Sanger ‘54 – May 18, 2012
Robert Cole ‘50 – May 24, 2009

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