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May 17, 2010

2010 Kovner Memorial Banquet - Multimedia Extravaganza

This year, we proudly present to you the Kovner experience in spectacular 3D* video! So, prepare to be entertained, enthralled and possibly nauseated.

*3D effects not available in most areas

Kovner Banquet Video - Part 1

Part 1 Highlights - Emcee Mike Naegele is largely ignored, Eli Hoffman invocates, Turf pontificates, Ronnie Savarese remembers Shawn Battle. Paul Lucas demonstrates his remedial reading skills, undergraduate award recipients demonstrate their general awkwardness, and we are introduced to a brother known as... "Mr. Excitement."

Kovner Banquet Video - Part 2

Part 2 Highlights - Everyone shuts the hell up for Jerry Balka's poignant speech, the Kovner Award presentation, and brothers talk about why they come to Kovner, year after year.

Kovner Banquet Photos

At this year's Kovner, many brothers smiled for the birdie. The photographer was told not to display his birdie again, or he would be fired. Sorry about that. Still, you looked damn good, and we took a lot of great pictures.

kovner photo gallery

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