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June 10, 2013

New Blood Elected to Alumni Executive Board

New officers Hoegg and McMillan promise to add inexperience and confusion to E-BoardPi Lam has a proud history of sadistic and unfulfilling rituals, but none more grueling than officer elections, which were held at this year’s Kovner Banquet. Imagine a roomful of alumni whose primary concern is who’s buying the next cocktail. Now, ask them to listen to speeches and exercise their decision-making capacity… you see the problem here, right?

In spite of alcohol-induced apathy, votes were cast (though some brothers contend they were only raising their hands to order another round) and two new brothers were selected to join the ranks of the alumni association executive board.

Congratulations to Donny “Boss” Hoegg ‘12 and Malcolm McMillan ‘13, who will serve as president and secretary, respectively. In spite of a spirited challenge by Bob “I am not a crook” Pennock ‘11, the incumbent vice president, Ryan Overturf ‘07, will continue to serve for another term. And although Bob Arthur ‘96 admittedly has difficulty performing basic math computations without using his fingers and toes, he ran unopposed as Treasurer.

Both new officers are young alumni and products of the chapter revitalization in 2009. Malcolm was a re-founding father from the fall 2009 pledge class, and Donny pledged the following semester. But like good pledges, what they lack in experience, we expect they promise to make up for in blind servitude.

Thanks to our outgoing officers for six years of service

Here are a few of the notable accomplishments of the alumni association since 2007 under the leadership of former officers, Mike Naegele ‘89 and Shawn Mahoney ’91:

  • Re-colonizing the chapter in 2009.
  • Avoiding scandal of Tweeting indiscriminate body parts.
  • Launching this website and sending regular alumni communications.
  • Not being sued for libelous content in those communications.
  • Paying off debt, achieving financial solvency, and creating dues subsidy program for qualified undergraduates.
  • Putting aside political differences and agreeing on important issues, like which bar would be the preferred host of E-Board meetings.
  • Establishing a scholarship fund for the son of Bob Mentzer ‘90 (Chapter Eternal), which in cooperation with the undergraduates has raised nearly $5,000 to date.
  • Re-Chartering the chapter in 2012!
  • Avoiding re-election for a fourth term.
Best of luck to the new E-Board!

If you’d like to witness the legislative process in action, brothers are welcome to attend monthly E-Board meetings. Check the event calendar for future meeting dates.

Page Updated: 6/10/2013