Photo Features

Photo Features

Kovner Banquet 1989 - The 1989 Kovner Memorial Banquet was a who's who of Pi Lam brothers, including Isadore Wachs, storied chapter advisor and confidant of "Koko" Kovner himself.

1989 Kovner

Fall 2010 "Alpha" class - The refounding fathers of Pi Lambda Phi PA Alpha Delta chapter, oblivious to the glorious legacy of idiocy that they would carry on.

1960 Yearbook

Pi Lam makes the front page in a story about alcohol policy.

September 15, 1982 - Pi Lam is prominently featured in a front page story in the Temple News about the announcement of a new alcohol policy. Best quote, "Because "Pi Lam" is not a university owned building, recent alochol policy changes do not apply and the partying can continue."

1960 Yearbook

Poker? I hardly know her.

April 15, 2011 - Alumni and undergraduates gathered at the chapter house for a charity poker tournment to benefit the Ian Robert Mentzer: Fund for the Future.

1960 Yearbook

From the 1960 Temple Yearbook

Front row: Leon Rosenthal, Ted Spivak, Alan Teplitsky, "Rex", Mel Weiss, Roger Rosenblum. Second row: Marvin Rappaport, Paul Green, Ronald Williams, S. Roffman, Allan Cohen. Back row: Victor Rone, Kenneth Laver, B. Goldman, Charles Bromberg, Irv Koffler, R. Miller.

1960 Yearbook

1959 Composite - This was one of several damaged composites that were restored in 2001. In the 1950s, apparently there were only three haircuts: the crew cut, the D.A., and the Wally Cleaver.

1959 Composite

1947 Templar Yearbook - "Though they remained active during the war years, Pi Lambda Phi became one of the many campus organizations to rehouse itself when the chapter procured a new home shortly before the advent of the current academic session."

Pledge Laundromat

Turf takes the dirty out of pledging.

Steel City Shhotout 1992


CMU Steel City Shootout 1992

Alpha Delta brought two teams to the annual Steel City Shootout flag football tournament hosted by CMU. And for the third consecutive year, Temple took home the championship. In our crowning achievement, Temple A played Temple B in the championship game. The victors, seen below: Mike Mollen, Ronnie Savarese, Marc Bendo, Mike Braun, Mike Lacianca, Stephano Cooper, "Timmy J" Jonassen, Darren Rabinowitz, Steve Conti, Andy Lackman, Chris Cassese, Dave Geeghan and Shawn Mahoney.

Steel City Shhotout 1992


Golf Night 1989

In the 9-hole rush event known as "Golf Night," Bob Mentzer, Jeff Stein and Brian Keena challenge rushees to "get loose and drain the moose."

Who was Alfred Kovner?

Recent research by the alumni association has revealed much about Alfred Kovner and his military career, soon to be posted on the website. Pictured below in front of a B-17 of the 91st Bomb Group are (left to right) James VanPelt, Maynard Frey, Charles Bell, and Alfred Kovner.

Alfred Kovner and crew

Celebrating our Greek Heritage - November 2007

The 1969 officers of Pi Lambda Phi pose on the steps of the Art Museum in full Greek regalia (i.e. bed sheets). From the left: Steven Weiss, Paul Gelles, Ronald Goldenberg, Lee Cohen (w/spear) Arthur Marcus (then current Rex), Harris Sokoloff, and Jerome Davis (now deceased). Thanks to Arthur Marcus for the photo.

Pi Lambda Phi featured on front page of The Inquirer - August 24, 2007

Well, maybe not exactly featured, but you can clearly see "Pi Lambda Phi" on the front of the house, just behind the mother who is reconsidering ever letteing her daughter go to college...

June 2007 - Carriage House John Stafford Crest (circa 1991)

The intricately designed "JS" (John Stafford) crest is an indication of the affluence of this area of North Broad Street at the turn of the century. The crest adorned the western side of the carriage house until around 1993 when it was stolen by vandals. The carriage house was deemed structurally unsound and demolished in 1995 due to safety concerns.

April 2007 - Pi Lam Meal Plan?

Gathering for meals was a ritual in the 1960s and 1970s when the house had a meal plan. It was a great opportunity to share time with brothers. Many alumni fondly recall long-time house chef, Ed Little, who prepared and served meals from the kitchen at 2000 North Broad.

February 2007 - Committee Meeting Participants

Back row: Shawn Mahoney, Vasili Barbounis, Kevin Mickleberg, Paul Lucas, Bill O'Donnell, Brian Trexler, Christian Stearns, Jeff Frake, Gary Sanders

Front row: Chris Isaacson, Bob Arthur, Jim Kelsh, Mike Naegele, Ray Lerro

Read story - Committee Meetings Convene

January 2007 - Chapter Room Mural

December 2006 - Kovner Banquet Hostesses

Read story - Kovner Banquet 2006

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