November 26, 2018

Brothers' News

Kovner 2018

In this installment of brothers' news we catch up with recent grads, IHQ trustees, world travelers, monkey mascots, house representatives, bar owners, and retired orthodontists.

Get the latest on these featured brothers: Dan Walus ’18, Mike Mabunay ’77, Dylan McKay ’15, Mel Weiss '61, Malcom Kenyatta ’12, Nate Ross ’84, Gary Hirsh ’64, Sy Welikson ’48, Shelly Feldman ’49, Ed Black ’06, Kevin Coyne ’99, Ryan “Turf” Overturf ’07, Anthony Gibilante ’99, Joe Carrington ’08 and Eric Haines ’03.

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October 25, 2018

Kovner Memorial Banquet 2018

Kovner 2018

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The Kovner Memorial Banquet was a raucous good time this year! With more than 90 brothers in attendance, the banquet had all the qualities of a house party without turning into a Trump rally.

Read about the 2018 Banquet and view photos

October 8, 2018

More photo albums posted.

1966 Composite

Photo albums from 1967-68, 1979, 1982, and 1984 have been scanned and posted online for your viewing pleasure. Some were retouched for dust and scratches. Clothing and hairstyles sadly remain.

View photo albums.

September 28, 2018

Pi Lam Chapter House is Back on Broad Street

1966 Composite

Congratulations to the undergraduates on their new house, a historical, 4-story, 10,000 square foot brownstone at 1432 North Broad Street. A fitting residence for the "house that leads!"

Read more in the latest Chapter Report.

September 28, 2018

Chapter Report - Spring 2018

1966 Composite

Want to know what’s happening with the undergraduate chapter? All the news and accomplishments (they aren’t even lies, like we used to tell IHQ). I mean, everything…in gratuitious detail…with lots of pictures. Seriously, someone is being paid by the word for this.

Read the latest really, really long Chapter Report.

September 28, 2018

Chapter Eternal: Bernie Borine ’43 and Bill Glosser ’51

1966 Composite

Sadly, two highly respected and influential brothers from the “old house” have passed into the Chapter Eternal.

Bernie Borine ’43 was a classmate of Alfred “Koko” Kovner. In correspondence with Isadore Wachs, Kovner called Borine a “good friend and ally.” Borine was instrumental in creating the banquet honoring Kovner and returned on the 50th anniversary in 1997 to share his memories of “Koko.” Borine’s success in business, politics, and philanthropy included founding a food brokerage company in Philadelphia, serving as the Cheltenham Township commissioner, and championing Jewish causes.

Bill Glosser ’51 was the glue that held the Alpha Delta “old house” alumni together, organizing get togethers and keeping tabs on what everyone was doing. He was a U.S. Commissioner and Magistrate judge. In spite of his position in the legal community, he always kept his sense of humor. Glosser once pranked the chapter by banging on the door of the house claiming he had a search warrant. He recounted that he heard, “many toilets flushing.”

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