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We rely on your generosity to keep the PA Alpha Delta Alumni Association afloat. Our primary source of income is membership fees. Our expenditures are for basic operations, communications (postage, web hosting, e-mail services), and events. Thank you to our donors!

Our goal is to help you look back fondly on your Pi Lam experiences by sharing news, good humor, remembrances, chapter history, pictures, and photo albums.

2021 Membership Donation

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Benefits of Membership

What you receive as a dues-paying member:

  • A free listing on the alumni networking page.
  • An annual subscription to our personalized, informative, “request for funds” letter sent directly to your home with matching return envelope.
  • The right to hold office and vote on alumni matters. Note: your right to party is not included. You gotta fight for that.
  • A tax deduction that may or may not be totally legit.
  • The satisfaction of supporting the longevity of an all-volunteer organization that had a positive influence on your life, “not four years, but a lifetime.”

And, if you have a message for classmates, or have news you’d like to share, tell us what you’ve been up to, and we’ll share your news to let others know of your awesomeness (writer’s embellishment is included at no additional cost).

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You may also support us and your local post office by sending us a check:

PA Alpha Delta Alumni Association
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Please make checks payable to: “Pi Lambda Phi PA Alpha Delta Alumni Association.”