Legal Disclaimer

We’re sorry… but we deny all responsibility: A blanket statement.

Editors note: This “legal” disclaimer was written by an individual whose only formal legal training was an exhaustive viewing history of Night Court.

Please read this statement! It is so important that we commissioned a graphic with a juicy exclamation point! 

This website is intended as an informative and entertaining report for alumni on persons or events, either actual or fictitious. We sincerely hope it will be taken in the satirical fashion in which it is written.

The contents of this website are not representative of the views and policies of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity, Inc., the PA Alpha Delta chapter, its alumni, nor people who have common sense or reason. 

As policy, our editorial staff does not condone hazing, underage drinking, littering, or the use of foul language. We do not support high cholesterol diets, speeding in school zones, drug use (except as study aids), reading between the lines, sending out for sushi (and other expressions that sound dirty but really aren’t), or free thinking. However, free things “acquired” during a typical school year for the betterment of the chapter are fair game.

We do not endorse nor maintain any affiliation with a political party, though if we did it would probably be the Whigs.

Please do not steal (i.e. copy and paste) our content or images without proper credit, excessive adulation, and/or compensation (we accept most forms of remuneration including: cash, payment of bar tabs, amazon credit, and livestock, but never that bitcoin sh*t). 

Much of the content herein is intended to josh, poke fun, rag, needle, taunt, tease, and mock brothers in a good natured, fraternal manner. It is not intended to offend, alienate, misrepresent, or embarrass. If you feel that we have done so, we sincerely apologize and would be happy to remove any deleterious personal references or imagery.

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