Brothers’ News – Summer 2022

Some Pi Lams are doing great things, while others…

Ryan Overturf ’07 – Booted by Beantown

Turf Returns
Turf and Jayne at their swanky new diggs

After building an impressive career in Boston where “Tawm Braydie is a gawd,” Turf and his family are returning to West Chester. Thankfully they don’t have a wicked accent in Chesco. Turf has been successfully guilted back into a role supporting the chapter and is assembling an alumni coaching team to help the undergrads avoid self-destruction.

Tim McGinley ’13 – Look at the big brain on Tim

Tim at the 2017 Kovner Banquet. He hasn’t missed one since graduation.

“Covid, as terrible as it was, gave me the opportunity to reinvest in myself.” Tim quit his job and doubled down on his education. In March he earned his Master’s in Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Business at Drexel, while picking up a contractor gig with a medical device group to pay for his expenses. Two of his professors recommended Tim for the PhD program, and he was given a full ride and a stipend. Ride that education gravy train! 

Gary Gordon, DPM ’68 – Putting your foot down

Gary Gordon

A respected podiatrist in sports medicine, foot and ankle surgery, Dr. Gordon decided after 46-years, he has seen one corn too many. He recently announced his retirement, saying “my decision to retire was not an easy one. I love the field I chose. I enjoyed my patients, treating and caring for so many.” 

Dylan McKay ’15 – Certified smoke eater

After witnessing near tragic flaming shot “incidents” at Pi Lam, Dylan McKay swore he’d find a way to make a difference (and…maybe impress the ladies). He’s is now a certified Virginia Beach Firefighter. Flaming shots beware!???‍?❌

Andrew Bollinger ’11 – Scored an exclusive tour of the Steinmetz Center

Steinmetz Hall Tour Group
Bollinger and the IEC getting a private tour from Chuck Steinmetz at the center that has a familiar name.

Former rex Bollinger is a lawyer in Chicago, and volunteers as an International Executive Councilman. He and the IEC recently got a tour of the Steinmetz Hall Center for the Performing Arts, which opened thanks to the contributions of brother Chuck Steinmetz ’58 (U of Florida).

Malcolm Kenyatta ’12 – A historic moment at the White House

Malcolm looking quite at home at the White House.

PA State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta was invited to the White House to celebrate the historic Senate confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first African-American woman to serve on the Supreme Court.

Steve Breslin ’04 – That’s a wrap! 

Breslin wrap
Bres, bottom left, with his cast of movie makers.

Bres and a team of movie lighting pros recently completed principal photography on the Paramount film, “Maybe I Do”  in New Jersey with a star-studded cast including William H. Macy, Diane Keaton, Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, and Emma Roberts.

Ball and Chain

Chris Cataldi ’96 – Finally tied down

Cataldi wedding

Abandoning his goal of being the oldest Pi Lam bachelor, Cataldi finally tied the knot. Brothers Bob Arthur ’97(ish), Derrick Friend ’95, and Kevin Mickelberg ’96 joined him in Miami to celebrate.

They Put a Ring on It

Congrats to Alex and Dan on their engagements!

Alex Billotte ’12

Alex and fiancé, Vivian.

Dan Roper ’17 

Roper engaged
Dan and fiancé, Emily.

Stork Droppings

Mike Pallante ’14 – Baby #2 coming soon…

Mike “Sweet Pea” Heinle ’92 – Sweet Pea is a Pop Pop

Sweet Pea Poppop

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