Brothers’ News – Winter 2024

Some Pi Lams are doing great things, while others…

Clay Mohler ’21 – Doh! 

Looking totally legit in his rented white coat and stethoscope, Clay started his first year at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. If he can make the cut (and stand the blood), he’ll be a D.O. (Doh). 

Jim Kelsh ’75 – Employing his singing voice

Jim is keeping busy in retirement by exercising his singing voice. Jim is a part of the No Name Pops and the Savoy Company, and has been making appearances at the Kimmel Center for Christmas concerts, and supporting our Phillies at Citizens Bank Park singing the National Anthem. 

Chris Gannon – A Stand Up Guy

On his website, he lists acting, writing, comedy, voice overs, and “longevity” (we’ll take his word on that) as his professional proficiencies. Brothers who know Chris remember him as one funny mother f#*ker. In 2023, Chris moved to L.A. and got back on stage to do his stand up routine.

Jesse Monoski – Sworn In

Congrats to Jesse Monoski on winning his second term on Lemoyne’s Borough Council. “Tonight I had the privilege and honor of being sworn in for a second term on Lemoyne’s Borough Council alongside some amazing community leaders and friends.”

Chris Kerber ’90 – Head Coach Hobart College Rowing

Chris Kerber learned yelling somewhere

When Chris rowed for Temple, he was responsible for introducing brothers to the sport  at the Dad Vail Regatta. And for a time, we watched the river instead of just getting tanked on the banks of the Schuylkill. Chris was recently named Head Coach for Hobart College Rowing, after spending 15 years coaching at Cornell and Syracuse. Chris was inducted into the Temple Athletics Hall of Fame in 2020.

Jimbo McClintock ’24 – Jaqua Scholar

Congratulations to this year’s Jaqua Scholar, Jim McClintock! The scholarship was made available to Engineering majors by Eli Hoffman through the Jaqua Foundation

Andrew “A-Boll” Bollinger ’11 – Chicago Tour Guide

Now living in the Windy City (they’re flatulent people), A-Boll volunteered to act as a tour guide for a Pi Lam IHQ event this fall. We’re told he was quite convincing selling the merits of Bratwurst, Mike Ditka, and pizza served in a casserole dish.

Eric White ’17 – Mormons Beware

After building a radio following and winning hearts in Minnesota, Eric has scored a new audience in Salt Lake City, Utah. I guess we’ll see if Mormons can warm up his “Yo Philly” sensibilities. Rock on, brother!

Congrats to the 2024 Undergraduate E-Board!

Our advice to you is to start drinking heavily.

Rex: Brian Eppehimer
Archon: Justin Small
Keeper of the Exchequer: John Mann
Marshal: Tyler Saccomandi
Scribe: James McClintock
Prolocutor: Jackson Batchler

Chapter Eternal

Angelo Zarra ’91 | unknown
Edward Jaffee ’60 | July 21. 2023
Gary O’Donnell ’73 | May 5, 2023
Jon Giletto ’72 | unknown

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