Kovner Banquet 2023

More than 60 brothers and a new “cozy” suburban venue (Trattorio Totaro) helped to make the Kovner Memorial Banquet a raucous good time this year! 

A big thanks to our delightful hostesses, Natalie and Isabelle, a Psych major who after greeting attendees, aptly diagnosed us as “mildly deranged.”

Photo Gallery

  • Ron Jenkins, Eppy, X, Jackson Batchler, Michael Mayatskiy, Ryan Small, Jim McClintock
  • Mickleberg, Friend, Matty B
  • Evan Resh, Matt Reiger, Donny Hoegg, Agurkis, Brian Moore
  • Jim McClintock, Tserendorj Gansukh, Jack Robertson, Christian Myers, Luke Abdalla
  • Hostesses Isabelle and Natalie
  • Sal and Brignola haggle over ticket prices
  • Bob gets overly excited when talking to females
  • Stanley Field and Rich Travaglini
  • Spence and Shun
  • Brian Moore (IHQ) and Trav
  • Isaacson, Joe Nugent and his daughter, who works at Trattorio Totaro
  • Chapter Advisor Ron Jenkins advises brothers to buy low and sell high.
  • Cataldi (talking sh*t), Bob, Mick, Derrick and Matty B
  • Brignola, Mahoney, Isaacson
  • Justin Small, Jack Mann, Hayden Driscoll, Eppy
  • Cataldi, Lucas, Hahn
  • Lucas practicing the "bad" touching.
  • Isaccson, Lucas, Shun
  • Drinking on the lanai
  • Nugent, Stanley, Spencer
  • Stanley and Nugent
  • Michael Mayatskiy, Tserendorj Gansukh
  • Jack Robertson, Sam Roberts
  • Bosnjak, Kelsh, Markowitz, Sizemore, Caprio, Cohn, Costy
  • Nugent, Field, Irv Koffler
  • Hoegg, Agurkis, Resh, Max Hain, Reiger, Wells
  • Paul advising the young lady of the ills of liquor consumption.
  • Jack Mann, Evan Clark
  • X, Mickleberg, Eppy, Matty B
  • Kelsh and Hoegg
  • Ryan Small, Michael Mayatskiy, Hayden Driscoll, Jack Rovertson, Jackson Batchler, Jack Mann, Jim McClintock, Evan Clark
  • Tyler Saccomandi, Sam Roberts
  • Shun telling Paul he's #1
  • Kelsh on the mic! "I didn't know Koko Kovner, but I dated his third cousin."
  • Irv thinks it's funny.
  • "I did an evening of vegetables off-Broadway. I did the best tomato, the best cucumber. I did an endive salad that knocked the critics on their ass."
  • Stanley gives the Invocation
  • Who ordered the bulls b*lls?
  • Who ordered the Fireball?
  • Thumbs up to the 70s
  • "Thank you sir, may I have another?"
  • Travs on the mic
  • Youngest Brother - Jack Robertson
  • Oldest Brother - Hayden Flanagan
  • Dean breaks out into a spontaneous round of Jolly Laddies
  • Paul Lucas awrads the Shawn J. Battle Spirit Award to Justin Small
  • Chris Cataldi foolishly campaigns to have the Athletic Achievement Award named in his honor.
  • Sam Roberts receives the Athletic Achievement Award.
  • Dean accepts the Jerry Balka award on behalf of Nick Cornell
  • Those 70s guys summoning Trav
  • Not four years, but a lifetime. Cheers!
  • Spencer Brings out the Kovner Award he won in 1982
  • Spencer symbolically awarded his Kovner Award to Chris Isaacson
  • Congratulations to Justin Small, recipient of the 2023 Kovner Memorial Award!
  • Dean Sizemore presented two PA Alpha Delta paddles from 1948 and 1949 to the chapter rex, Dean Griffin.
  • 1948-49 PA Alpha Delta paddles
  • 2023 award winners:
Athletic Achievement Award – Sam Roberts
Shawn J. Battle Purple and Gold Spirit Award – Justin Small
Jerome R. Balka Award – Nick Cornell (not pictured)
Alfred L. Kovner Memorial Award – Justin Small
  • 210-MCH05787
  • Brother Rex and Brothers, for the good and welfare of Pi Lambda Phi...
  • Thanks for coming...please take your sh*tshow outside.
  • 208-MCH05785

Justin Small – Pi Lam has been there for me

Diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in August of 2022, undergraduate Justin Small spoke to express his gratitude for the support of his brothers. He said, “this brotherhood is for so many of us, as strong as ever. The men in Pi Lam have been my backbone when going through treatment, and have always been there for me in tough situations, making me feel good and giving me a shoulder to lean on.”

Much $upport from alums

Several brothers chose to defer the costs for the undergrads by sponsoring an undergrad. Many thanks to Chris Cataldi ’95, Kevin Mickelberg ’96, John Keegan ’95, Sal Farrugia ’96, Vasili Barbounis ’99, Matt Blyler ’96, Irv Koffler ’62, David Silver ’64, Robert Yeager ’68, Jimbo Montgomery ’01, Ted Cohn ’77, Ryan Overturf ’07, Ron Jenkins ’08, Evan Resh ’14, and Jesse Monoski ’16. Your support was celebrated by a rousing rendition of “Jolly Laddies.”

Classiest classes

The brothers from the 1970s and the 1990s each cajoled 11 classmates to attend (clearly hazing was involved). And good effort to the 2010s who scraped up a half dozen, apparently no thanks to expat Donny Hoegg, who complained of PTSD after spending time in the ‘Nam. 

Travelin’ men

A few brothers travelled from afar, racking up some frequent flyer miles: Joe Costy (North Carolina), Dean Sizemore (South Carolina), Chris Cataldi (Miami), and Donny Hoegg (Vietnam).

Yard sale finds

While Dean Sizemore was in Central PA, he took a whack at the yard sale scene and found some striking Pi Lam history. Dean presented two PA Alpha Delta paddles from 1948 and 1949 to the chapter rex, Dean Griffin. 

Undergraduate awards

Congratulations to the undergraduate award recipients:

Athletic Achievement Award – Sam Roberts
Shawn J. Battle Purple and Gold Spirit Award – Justin Small
Jerome R. Balka Award – Nick Cornell
Alfred L. Kovner Memorial Award – Justin Small

75th Anniversary is next year!

The Kovner planning committee (all three of us) is starting to talk about 2024. If you would like to help us make this milestone a monster event, please contact us!