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Virtual Happy Hours Help Brothers Share Dumb Stories

70s Zoom call
Clockwise from top left: Kirschbaum, Caridi, Sizemore, and Traviglini

We’ve always been a crafty bunch, able to dodge the rules that did not suit us, but who knew we’d embrace technology to stay in touch? 

Our first virtual event for a group of guys of who grew up with rotary phones was a big hit! Initially the gentlemen from the 70s talked about their kids, grandkids, families, jobs, retirement, and Temple sports… but inevitably the conversation veered towards tailgates, parties, brothers, and questionable acts from “the good old days,” which decorum prohibits listing here.

Other classes are joining in.

It’s no surprise that other classes have jumped on the band(width) wagon. The 90s (who are terrifyingly tech challenged) pulled it together long enough to discuss the proper chronology of Cardinal Puff, which one brother introduced to his (grown) kids as a challenging quarantine activity. Are you a Cardinal?

Deron Henise ’95, surprisingly had no problems joining the 90s Zoom meeting in spite of the fact that he purportedly has a prehensile tail.

And as you might expect, the undergrads, who grew up with drive-in sized, high-definition flat screen TVs, micro-computers in their pockets, and online “personal assistants” that immediately deliver them everything from munchies to a new car, have embraced the technology.

The undergrads, doin’ their thang…

What are you doing to keep up with your classmates?

If you’d like our help arranging an online happy hour with your classmates, please contact us. We can send an email invitation to your fraters, help to select a date, and set up the Zoom call.

We’ll let you take it from there, as you struggle to sign in, try to quiet your children/pets, and sip on whatever “around-the-world-like” drink that you concocted from your depleted bar.

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