Brothers’ News – Fall 2021

Some Pi Lams are doing great things, while others…

Seth Horvath ’18 – Vegas baby!

Horvath Las Vegas

Seth Horvath is rolling the dice on Medical School. He was recently accepted at Touro University, no, not the Mexican tourism college but a medical school in Nevada conveniently located just 15 minutes from Las Vegas. Current odds on Seth denouncing his Hippocratic oath and becoming a degenerate gambler are 3:1.

Robert “Moose” Stiers ’95 – Finding balance in hospital engineering

Moose finds balance
Moose has always been interested in work-life balance

Those who knew “Moose” in college remember him for his husky laugh, good humor, and sometimes flawed decision-making. These days Stiers is the Facilities AVP at White Plains Hospital, and the brains behind a major hospital transformation. Stiers was recently featured in Blueprint Magazine.

Kevin Leckner ’94 – Lost fight with a door

Leck and Iron Mike
Kevin Leckner got a nice shiner recently, but it wasn’t because he stole Mike Tyson’s tiger.

It seems that Kevin is still struggling with common tasks like walking and chewing gum at the same time. He recently ran into a door before opening it.

For those interested in reducing their own personal risk, we recommend the following steps: 

1. Open door, then
2. Walk through

This has been a public service announcement from Pi Lam Temple. Stay safe, brothers.

Mike Pallante ’14 – Psychotic Sports Podcaster

Do your favorite sports teams make you mad… like stark, raving mad? (We’re looking at you Philly fans.) Join Mike Pallante and his squad of unhinged fanatics on the Psychotic and Iconic Sports Podcast. Mike worked for Temple Football and the NFL as an undergrad, and never lost his sports fanaticism, which apparently caused long-term, um… mental challenges? Kinda like someone else here in Philly.

Undergrad Scholarships

George Snedden ’22 – Jaqua Foundation Scholar

George Snedden
You got how much money? I think I love you.

Congratulations to George Snedden, recipient of the 2021-22 Jaqua Scholarship for Temple Engineering Students, established and administered by alumnus Eli Hoffman ’59. After meeting George, the Assistant Dean of the College of Engineering, Mark Jones remarked, “He is an intelligent, hard-working, and unfailingly polite young man, and I cannot imagine many other students as deserving and humble as George.” And that, gentlemen, is why he gets all the ladies.

Clay Mohler ’22 – Got some money and a key

Clay Mohler
Mohler (center) is also President of his local Elton John Fan Club

Congrats to undergrad, Clay Mohler, recipient of an IHQ scholarship grant and Scholarship Key for outstanding academics. Clay was understandably disgruntled when he realized that the scholarship key did not start a car, or open anything of value. But he did say of his supporters, “It shows true brotherhood that so many alumni donated to help me. This scholarship will put me in a better stance financially, and motivate me to do better.”

Stork Droppings

Evan Resh ’14 – Reagan

Ball and Chain

Tim Reilly ’13 – Kate

Chapter Eternal

Gilbert Bardfeld ’53 – September 7, 2021

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