Kovner Banquet 2016

The Kovner tradition endures because, year after year, brothers come to share the legacy of Pi Lam. And the 69th annual Kovner Banquet was no different. And yes, “69” jokes were encouraged.


  • Travaglini checks in
  • Squirrel!
  • Dranoff and Cohn check In
  • 80s check in
  • Sal and Slimbo
  • Vasili and Slimbo
  • Lampi, Sigman and Koffler
  • Lunkheads from the 80s
  • Koffler and Silver
  • Lynch and Kelsh
  • Check in girls
  • Cataldi, Al and Tagles
  • Jim Montgomery - Master of Ceremonies
  • Jerry Zivan - 60s pied piper
  • Herb Garfinkel
  • Big Luke!
  • David Silver
  • Tinkle Tinkle Little Phone
  • Dan Lynch
  • Lynch keeps 'em laughing
  • 70s bros get the joke
  • Bob, Mickelberg, and Cataldi
  • Jerry, Sal and Lucas
  • Tell us the story, Ed
  • Irv Gross and Jerry Zivan
  • The Most Interesting Man in Pi Lam
  • Who roofied Bob?
  • Origins of the Eddy Sigman Dinner Revealed
  • Youngest Brother - Seth Horvath
  • Oldest Brother - Matt Martino
  • Undergrads
  • Undergrads
  • Those 70s guys
  • 60s Table
  • Seniors
  • Recent grads
  • Al can't focus
  • 60s Reunion!
  • 80s Table
  • Irv Koffler
  • Taking it all in
  • Kevin Mickelberg presents Shawn J. Battle Award
  • Battle Award Recipient - Eric White
  • John Lampi presents Jerome R. Balka Award
  • Jerome R. Balka Award recipient Andreas Kraus
  • Chris Cataldi presents Athletic Achievement Award
  • Athletic Achievement Award Recipient - Bob Pallante
  • Steve Furst presents Alfred "Koko" Kovner Memorial Award
  • Alfred "Koko" Kovner Memorial Award recipient - John Manning
  • Good and Welfare - Jim Kelsh
  • Good and Welfare - Kevin Mickelberg
  • Good and Welfare - Dean Sizemore
  • Up the Creek with a...
  • Vintage Lucas
  • Good and Welfare - Traviglini
  • Count de Money
  • New Pi Lam Rap Artists
  • Sal and Cataldi
  • Undergrad Award Recipients

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The 60s Reunion/Sit-In

An unprecedented number of brothers from the 1960s came to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the class of 1966, thanks to Jerry Zivan and the 60s reunion ambassadors. Jerry contacted the alumni association with the idea of a reunion, and enlisted the help of Irv Gross, Steven Gordon, and Dan Lynch to make the banquet into a full fledged 1960s sit in. Joining them were a dozen brothers from the 70s, making this the unofficial banquet of the Vietnam era. Many 60s brothers took to the podium to share their Pi Lam stories, and what they vaguely remembered about Woodstock.

There is something strange about being a Pi Lam — a certain similarity between brothers, regardless of era. Jerry and Irv spoke of their classmates who had become successful businessmen, doctors and lawyers. Still, you could tell many of their best lifetime experiences came during their years as a Pi Lam. Their stories are not so different than those told by the brothers of the 50s, 70s, 80s or 90s.

Undergraduate awards

Congratulations to the undergraduate award recipients:

  • Athletic Achievement – Bob Pallante
  • Jerome R. Balka – Andreas Kraus
  • Shawn J. Battle Spirit – Eric White
  • Alfred L. Kovner Memorial – John Manning

Kovner 2017 — keep the tradition alive

In a rare appearance at the podium, even the reserved but ever-present, Irv Koffler ’62, urged brothers to come back next year, and every year.

If you missed it this year, plan to attend in 2017 with a bunch of your classmates! Every year missed is a lost opportunity to catch up with old friends, and remind the active brotherhood of how great we thought we were.