We’re on Instagram!

That’s right fellas, the alumni association now has an Instagram account. Follow us at @pilamtemplealumni. Yeah, maybe we’re a little late to the game. But dang it we’re hip and cool, and we’ve finally got a “gram” (which was totally different and highly illegal in the 80s and 90s). Don’t...

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Dues subsidy

Undergraduate dues subsidy

There’s nothing fun about being a cash-strapped undergrad. We’ve all been there. Sure, we tried to find ways to scrape up money for the essentials: books, housing, Owl’s Nest pizza and cheap beer, but that didn’t leave a whole lot left, and as a result we’ve lost some good brothers...

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Our Survey Says

Our Survey Says…

Thank you to the 60+ alumni who shared their opinions in our recent survey. Your responses were quite helpful, in contrast to those we typically receive at a Kovner Banquet which tend to be shouted, laced with profanity, and somewhat less constructive. Congratulations to Barry Gould ’79, the winner of...

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Phillies Outing 2007

A Day at the Park

Hey batter batter batter, sa-wing batter. He can’t hit. He can’t hit. He can’t hit. Sa-wing batter! Alumni, undergrads and friends gathered for a day at Citizen’s Bank Park. There was a bit of a summer spritz, and a bit too much of a shirtless Paul Lucas ’93, but all...

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Alumni Undergrad Happy Hour

Beer Solves All the World’s Problems

Alumni and undergraduates gather for “hug it out” happy hour. Graduate, undergrad or somewhere in between (brothers seeking that elusive B.A. through the trickle-down method of learning), a Pi Lam is a Pi Lam. This self-evident truth was reinforced recently as brothers and undergraduates gathered for a “meet and greet”...

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Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings Convene

On January 20, 2007, more than 20 alumni gathered at the offices of Exude Benefits in Philadelphia to participate in the first set of alumni association committee meetings. Many brothers sat through all five meeting sessions, offering their input and suggestions. The IHQ was represented by the Executive Director, Gary...

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