Kovner Banquet 2017

A new location, the old house, and a late infusion of RSVPs breathed some life into the 70th annual Kovner Memorial Banquet this year.


  • Kovner 2017 - Group shot
  • Proudly displaying our colors
  • Cataldi, Arthur, and Goldner
  • The 70s guys 4ever
  • Lucas and Mickelberg and the $ fan
  • Three's Company - Billotte, Roper, and White
  • Medora, Holtz, Martino, Monoski, and... a Ho
  • A gurk and a hogg
  • A hick, a gurk, and a hog
  • Goldner, Hedge, Hunt, White
  • Isaacson, Mahoney and Lucas
  • Nate Weaver and Mathew
  • Hedge and Carney
  • Cataldi and Thanel
  • Well-groomed - Albin, Ray Ray, and Thanel
  • Our lovely hostesses
  • Mathew, Roper, Hotlz and White
  • Aldiger, A-gurk, Mathew, Roper, Holtz, White
  • Gibilante, Mick, Kraus, Gallo, Arthur
  • Take that, sir!
  • Reiger, Riccardi, and Smith
  • We'll be back - Bilotte and Hoegg
  • Look ma, no calluses
  • Medora, Resh... and a Ho
  • Booth and Monoski
  • Hunting for the best stories
  • Goldner on the golden age of Pi Lam
  • Traviglini, Martino, and Sizemore
  • Monoski, White, Roper
  • Billotte on the Chapter Advisory Board
  • Youngest Brother - Zachary Heisey
  • Youngest Brother - Zachary Heisey
  • Oldest Brother - Danny Walus
  • Undergraduate Awards
  • Athletic Achievement Award?
  • Ted Bosnjak presents Athletic Achievement Award
  • Participation Award!
  • Shawn Battle Purple and Gold Spirit Award
  • Jerome R. Balka Award presented by...
  • Balka Award recipient - Seth Horvath
  • Marv Black - Kovner Memorial Award
  • Marv Black - Kovner Memorial Award
  • Marv Black and Kovner recipient, Mitchell Hunt
  • Mike Hunt... sorry, that's Mitchell
  • Bob Arthur - Good and Welfare
  • Bob's speech - panoramic view!
  • This one's for Snapchat, fellas!
  • Raffle tickets for Ian Mentzer Scholarship Fund
  • Drink it!
  • Kovner recipients shake
  • Mobile era meets the greatest generation
  • Jerry's Good and Welfare
  • We are Jollie Laddies!
  • The Old House
  • They're not shrinking; he's that freakishly tall
  • Horvath and the Balka Award
  • Group shot - with a little gusto

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The Old House in the house

This year we were joined by three brothers from the 1950s, Andrew Goldner ’58, Marv Black ’50, and Jerry Balka ’51. The brothers from the 1950s are a tight-knit group. And even after years away from the fraternity, there is still a glimmer in the eye, and feeling of lifelong friendship when they talk about Pi Lam.

There is something strange about being a Pi Lam — a certain similarity between brothers, regardless of era. Jerry and Marv spoke of their classmates who had become successful businessmen, doctors and lawyers. Still, you could tell many of their best lifetime experiences came during their years as a Pi Lam. Their stories are not so different than those told by the brothers of the 70s, 90s, or today.

We caught Jerry’s Good and Welfare on video.

Undergraduate awards

Congratulations to the undergraduate award recipients:

  • Athletic Achievement – Jason Cushman
  • Jerome R. Balka – Seth Horvath
  • Shawn J. Battle Spirit – Dominic DeBiasio
  • Alfred L. Kovner Memorial – Mitchell Hunt

Kovner 2018 — keep the tradition alive

The Kovner planning committee is already starting to talk about 2018. If you have any suggestions, or would like to particpate in the planning, please contact us.

If you missed it this year, plan to attend in 2018 with a bunch of your classmates! Every year missed is a lost opportunity to catch up with old friends, and remind the active brotherhood of how great we thought we were.