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Kovner Banquet 2018

The Kovner Memorial Banquet was a raucous good time this year! With more than 90 brothers in attendance, the banquet had all the qualities of a house party without turning into a Trump rally.

Photo Album

  • Young alums, except for Donny
  • Don't call us the 70s guys
  • Our hostesses
  • Mmmmm, Mac and cheese
  • Point of parliamentary procedure! I need a beer.
  • We will make no Pi Lam, before his time
  • FNGs
  • F the Dollar Shave Club!
  • New bros showed up like there was an open bar.
  • Coolest 60s vs 70s band: Cream or Bread
  • Derbs and Irv
  • Never convicted
  • 1980s Officers and Gentlemen
  • Tell us about the turkey gobbler?
  • Stanley Field - 60 years later
  • Youngest brother heckled without mercy
  • Oldest brother's judgement is questioned
  • State of the Chapter received with disbelief
  • 1990s guys corrupt the undergrads
  • Taking in the history at Stan's table
  • Damn, this chicken is good!
  • Table o' Undergrads
  • Nondescript table of undergrads
  • Recent grads rally!
  • Same deal, recent grads (some have jobs)
  • Irv classes up the 1970s table
  • Another table of nameless undergrads
  • 1980s reach detente with recent grads
  • 1980s - These guys prefer "New Coke"
  • Undergrad Oreo
  • I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK
  • "I shit you not, the illuminati will kill us all!"
  • Shawn Battle preferred his Mad Dog warm
  • Janes Macy receives Shawn J. Battle Spirit Award
  • Athletics: The most important award of the evening
  • Athletic Achievement Award - Andrew Tarsa
  • Jerome R. Balka Award
  • Jerome R. Balka Award - James Macy
  • Kovner Memorial Award
  • Zach Heisey: 2018 Kovner Award Recipient
  • Zach Heisey
  • Sal never enjoyed the 50/50 raffle so much
  • Joe Costy wins the raffle!
  • Irv, Warren and Alan
  • And I'm a little bit rock and roll!
  • Mickleberg, "I took this guy's aunt to prom."
  • Who's your Friend? Who's your buddy?
  • Jarrod's best side
  • Good and Welfare - Ray Ray impressed by chapter progress
  • Good and Welfare - Listening intently
  • Tom Caridi - Good and Welfare
  • Roper - What do you mean "last call?"
  • Ha haaaaaaa
  • Stan lays down some knowledge

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Which classes were classier?

Kudos to the brothers from 2010s! 20 young alumni answered the call. There was also a surprise resurgence from the 1990s with 10 brothers (clearly hazing was involved). The late 1970s had a typically strong crowd, as they have for the past several years. And it was great to see 47 undergrads! Great turnout. Sorry if someone told you there would be an open bar.

It was encouraging to see so many undergrads sitting at alumni tables. Whether this was a result of the “musical chairs” effect or you made a conscious decision to mix it up, we hope you got more out of the experience by sitting with the older guys and listening to their stories, true or exaggerated. (Note to undergrads: They were exaggerated.)

Undergraduate awards

Congratulations to the undergraduate award recipients:

  • Athletic Achievement – Andrew Tarsa
  • Jerome R. Balka – James Macy
  • Shawn J. Battle Spirit – James Macy
  • Alfred L. Kovner Memorial – Zach Heisey

Kovner 2019 — keep the tradition alive

If you have any suggestions, or would like to participate in the planning of the 2019 Kovner Banquet, please contact us.

If you missed it this year, plan to attend in 2019 with a bunch of your classmates! Every year missed is a lost opportunity to catch up with old friends, and remind the active brotherhood of how great you thought you were.

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