Undergraduate dues subsidy

Undergrads not spending their money at the Taj Mahal.

There’s nothing fun about being a cash-strapped undergrad. We’ve all been there. Sure, we tried to find ways to scrape up money for the essentials: books, housing, Owl’s Nest pizza and cheap beer, but that didn’t leave a whole lot left, and as a result we’ve lost some good brothers who just couldn’t afford the dues.

In an effort to reduce the financial burden of staying active in Pi Lam and reward those who are consistent contributors, the House Corporation approved a proposal submitted by the Alumni Association to subsidize the dues of upperclassmen who meet all of their brotherhood obligations and are individually evaluated through an application process.

The subsidy is provided through interest generated from the sale of the chapter house (it will never be drawn from the principal). As a result, brothers who qualify will receive a subsidy for per capita fees charged by the IHQ.

The dues subsidy program will continue indefinitely as long as funds are available.