Kovner 2014

Kovner Banquet 2014

For those of you who missed last year’s banquet or were too drunk to remember, we elected a new president of the alumni association, Donny “Boss” Hoegg. As a part of his official duties, Donny made a valiant effort to keep the brothers’ attention, but in spite of his best...

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2013 Kovner Banquet

Kovner Banquet 2013

The 2013 Kovner Banquet had a little bit of everything. A healthy collection of brothers from the 90s, 80s, 70s, a sprinkling of the 60s, and a statistically improbably number of undergraduates named “Malcolm,” were in attendance. Photos View photo captions and full sized images on Flickr Spring 1993 pledge...

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Kovner 2012

Kovner Banquet 2012

More than 80 brothers and alumni gathered on March 31st for the 65th annual Kovner Memorial Banquet. The Kovner Banquet turned 65 this year, and as a result will soon be enjoying retirement in Florida… inevitably wearing black socks with sandals. A few things we learned this year: For elder...

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Chartering Ceremony 2012

PA Alpha Delta is Rechartered!

PA Alpha Delta is officially re-chartered! On April 20, undergraduates, distinguished alumni, and IHQ dignitaries celebrated the official recognition of the PA Alpha Delta chapter at a grandiose chartering banquet hosted on the floating buffet, Moshulu. Brothers and their dates were served a banquet dinner, non-complimentary drinks, and seemingly endless...

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Eli Hoffman

PA Alpha Delta gets big ups at Convention

This summer Philadelphia played host to Pi Lambda Phi’s Leadership Convention, the annual gathering of Pi Lams and subsequent validation that most other chapters are weenies. You may remember as an undergrad, it’s not just an event; it’s an obligation! Days of exhilarating dialogue on eliminating prejudice, living the creed,...

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Kovner 2011

Kovner Banquet 2011

The highlight of the 2011 banquet was the 50 year reunion of the class of 1961. Brother Cy Hoffman lead the charge, recruiting a dozen brothers from the 60s to celebrate this auspicious occasion. The highlight of the evening was clearly the comedy duo of Cy and Mel Weiss ’61....

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2011 Phillies

Phillies Outing 2011

A “Doc” Halladay Masterpiece Alumni and friends gathered for a day at Citizen’s Bank Park to cheer the Phillies and jeer the NY Mets. We were treated to a complete game by a masterful “Doc” Halladay, who held the Mets to one run. Halladay threw all strikes until the middle...

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Poker Night 2011

Alumni-Undergrad Poker Night

As a way to get to know the undergrads, and their spending money, we recently arranged an alumni-undergrad poker tournament at the chapter house. A well known card shark, Jimbo Montgomery ’01, introduced the undergrads to games like High Chicago, Follow the Queen, Billabong, Mexican Stud, and other confusing poker...

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Kovner 2010

Kovner Banquet 2010

This year, we proudly present you the Kovner experience in spectacular 3D* video! So, prepare to be entertained, enthralled and possibly nauseated. *3D effects not available in most areas Undergraduate Awards Congratulations to the undergraduate award recipients: Athletic Achievement Award – Jacob Atar Shawn J. Battle Purple and Gold Spirit...

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Kovner 2008

Kovner Banquet 2008

Recognition and renewal were the prevailing messages of the 2008 Kovner Memorial Banquet, held on November 2. Without an active chapter to share this year’s celebration, the event would focus heavily on the reestablishment of the chapter. In a 1943 letter to Is Wachs (chapter advisor), Alfred Kovner stated: “I...

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